Equipment needed to make your own home brew


Nothing beats the feel of having a fresh brew. It is not easy to find a place that serves you fresh brew every time. And even when you have found the right place do you really have to travel all the way to simply have your fresh brew? Why not bring home the right equipment to make a great brew every single time?

The initial set up

You would be able to set the whole thing up based on your budget. There are components that you can buy cheap and there are ones that are pricy. Choose the most reliable supplier first and work on your budget.

The primary component to look at is the stockpot. The size is absolutely your choice. But the bigger the pot you choose the better would it be in the long run.

A thermometer is another crucial component you need. Some simply ignore this. But this is very important to improve the precision of brewing. It goes without a saying that a digital thermometer is a better choice here as it might give you accurate easy to read measurements. But look for one that gives readings without any delays and something that is waterproof.

Colander is another essential you would need to finish your setup.  This would help filter out the various sized grains.

Then comes the fermentation bucket. This can be used as a fermenting bucket as well as for sanitizing. So choosing a large bucket would come in handy.

To syphon the brewed beer out you would also need a racking cane. You also have the option to choose auto-syphon setups.

Besides the above components you would need a lot of other things as well. This include Hydrometer, airlock, stopper, beverage lines and bottles. You can always add more to upgrade your setup and tweak it to your preference.