Why You Really Need To Buy A Sous Vide Machine

A sous-vide machine can bring the same flavors of a restaurant to your home. From steak preparation to veggies and even desserts, cooking in this machine will take your kitchen to a smart level.The performances of how these products function are tested based on real-time everyday cooking activities.

Outstanding features of the different sous vide models include

  • Works with Bluetooth /Wi-Fi
  • Presence of a digital timer and alert signals
  • Includes a high-quality scientific thermometer
  • Power activated which increases the cooking speed
  • Right pricing
  • Great looks
  • Easily storable and transportable
  • Best performance

How is food cooked in a sous-vide?

Step 1: Meat or food of choice is vacuum sealed in a plastic bag

Step 2: Cook the food by setting it in a hot water bath so that food is cooked to its exact serving temperature

Working: It clamps firmly onto the pot with a motorized effect. Water is circulated and heated up to the desired temperature to cook the sealed food.

Result: The result of cooking using this method is just awesome. We get the most tender and evenly cooked, restaurant-type quality steak of salmon, chicken, short ribs you have ever tasted. It is a healthy pasteurization technique done with no effort.

Pros of this cooking process include

  • Variable quantity of food can be used
  • Cooking can be monitored remotely using a smartphone
  • Water heating takes place in very less time
  • Easy cleaning
  • Components can be easily disassembled for drying

Cons of this cooking process include

  • Process is a little noisy
  • Water evaporation is an issue when cooking time is high
  • High-temperature cooking takes time
  • Power interruptions can turn off the machine and will be restart from the very beginning as this has no memory back up

Sous-vide machines are made of quality plastic as it ensures lightweight.The parts that usually get wet are made of either stainless steel or polypropylene.However, please do not drop this product in water or use deionized water to cook your food. Thus, if you want to bring restaurant-style cooking to your home buy a sous-vide now.