Pre-employment Checks: Everything You Need to Know

When you are employing people for your company or business, there is a lot of effort and time that goes into it. Just checking the resume the person hands over to you will not suffice when you want to hire a trustworthy person into your company. Payspi can throw some light on this front.

Here are the various pre-employment checks you need to make before you appoint someone to work for you or your company:

  • Education

The first and foremost check any potential employer does is to check the educational qualification. One cannot really check the authenticity of the certificates provided unless they contact the university mentioned. If you have doubts regarding the credibility of the certificates produced to you, you should call the university or the school and check for the same.

  • Credit

The person you hire should not have any bad credits, especially if yours is a financial firm or the job requires the person to generate revenue. If the person had a bad credit background or payments due, this can influence his decisions and the way he conducts your financial decision. All said one can still hire a person with bad credit, provided they have been forthcoming with the information and as an employer you are not worried about its influence on their performance.

Criminal Records

When you hire a person, it is important to ensure they have no outstanding criminal records. Past records may or may not matter, as it varies from employer to employer. If they have an outstanding record or is a repeat offender, one should be cautious of hiring such a person unless they are absolutely certain it won’t interfere with the company’s functioning.

  • Previous Employment

Some can fudge their previous employment details to make themselves look highly worthy or to hide something from the past. Always call the previous employer despite the letter of recommendation given to you. Ensure the records given are true and learn about your potential employee.

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