Brewing Equipment FAQs

When did alcohol production begin?

Beer production has been traced back to ancient Egypt. Archeological evidence suggests that the ancient Egyptians knew how to produce alcohol via brewing. The modern incarnation of brewing beer is, however, much different and consists of a more specific set of ingredients and methods that have been honed by generations of brewers.

What usually comes in home brewing kits?

Home brewing kits are usually comprised of several ingredients and may come in one or two cans. Typically, these kits house hops, yeast, and a wheat. The most critical part of the kit however is the instructions. The instructions contain the times, temperatures, and volumes that are required to successfully create your own brew.

Why are hops critical to beers?

Hops are to beer as grapes are to wine. Hops are the primary source of flavoring for any beer. The variations of hops are many, but they all stem from the humlus plant of which hops are the female conical flower. Depending on the amount of hops added, the beer will have a different flavor with a heavy hop count leading to a darker more bitter beer.

When were beer bottles invented?

An Englishman named Hiram Cobb invented the first form of a sealed glass bottle in 1872. Cobb’s sealed bottle utilized gravity, a marble ball, and a rubber washer to establish a seal in the neck of the glass bottle. Mr. Cobb used his invention to sell the up and coming soda business. Many adaptations occurred before the present edition of the beer bottle existed. The current version is sealable from a hand torque mechanism from home, enabling local brewers to seal their finished product with ease.