Home Brew Kits

Small scale in home beer production has been on the rise since the prohibition. However,  since the advent of macro scale mega breweries without output measured in the millions of gallons produced, the small scale little man form of customized personalized beer production has seen a renewed interest by the American people. It is for that reason that home brew kits have seen sales growth.

These home brew kits enable a single individual to conceivably entertain a lifelong, or spur of the moment, decision to attempt the production of an age old beverage – beer. The kits typically have a few central ingredients that include wheat of some sort, hops or variety of it, and lastly yeast. The yeast can be found in either spray dried packages or in liquid form in a can. Almost wholly dependent on the form of the yeast, the package can be generalized to weigh either 1.5 or 1.8 kilograms.

The kits simplify and centralized the ingredients with minimal additions. Typically however, the kits will not include water and recommend an amount specified on the instructions. Additionally, they might require supplemental sugar, although this could have the effect of thinning the finished product. The instructions are instrumental and should not be sidestepped by the novice. The experienced brewer might customize a kit in line with their tastes and desires, however casual manipulations are not recommended. The temperatures and times at which the mixture must be altered and adjusted are fairly uniform based on the style of beer produced. As shown, home brew kits are an easy way to begin the hobby of in home brewing on a relatively small scale.